Western Greek Black Glazed Pottery Oinochoe

With trefoil mouth, ring foot, and pressed rib pattern about the bulbous body of the vessel.


Early 4th Century BC


Height: 16.9 cm.     (6 11/16 in.)

Width: 9.7 cm.     (3 13/16 in.)

Ex: private New York collection, Mrs. D.C., 1960s - 1980s, property of Antiquarium, Ltd., New York, acquired in New York, June, 1997.






BRAFA Art Fair. (Brussels, 26 Jan- 2 Feb 2020) 





Hornbostel, Wilhelm ; Kunst der Antike : Schatze aus norddeutschem Privatbesitz (Mainz, 1977) p.373, no. 322

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