Eastern Imperial Roman Marbled Glass Bottle

A free-blown deep aubergine marbled glass bottle with squat bulbous body, tapered neck and flared mouth. The white marbling has eroded, leaving a ghost marbled pattern, with a bright crystalline iridescent patina. No repair or restoration.


1st - 2nd Centuries AD


Height: 11.5 cm.     (4 9/16 in.)

Ex: private Near Eastern collection of Z. H. (d. 2015), be descent from his father (d. 1955). Property of Antiquarium, Ltd., New York, acquired from Mr. Z.H. in New York, March 1998.





BRAFA Art Fair. (Brussels, 26 Jan- 2 Feb 2020) 





Von Saldern, Axel,et al; Gläser der Antike : Sammlung Erwin Oppenländer (Hamburg, 1974) pp.128-30, nos.343, 348

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