Sytho-Siberian Cast Gold Tiger Ornament





6th - 5th Centuries BC


Height: 2 cm.     (0 13/16 in.)

Width: 4.5 cm.     (1 13/16 in.)


ex: a private English collection


Published:  Antiquarium Ltd.; Ancient Treasures XII (New York, 2014) inside front cover


Adams, Noel (ed.); Masterpieces of Eurasian Art v.1: Selected Objects of Gold and Silver from private Western European and North American collections 6th Century BC-2nd Century AD (London, 2008) p.35, no.5


cf: Chang, Claudia & Katherine S. Guroff (eds); Of Gold and Grass: Nomads of Kazakhstan (Washington DC, 2006) p.114, no.43 (for solid cast); p.117, nos.50-51 (for style)




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