Neoclassical Carnelian Intaglio of Apollo or Orpheus

The young man is standing by a bay tree, facing to the left with his head at three quarters and the eyes looking slightly downwards. He is nude, with detailed musculature, inspired by Hellenistic Greek prototypes. The figure wears a cloak and holds a stick in his left hand pointing to a laurel shrub. In the field behind him a Greek inscription. The scene likely refers to Apollo or Orpheus, or to the Ovidian Metamorphosis. “Signed” in Greek, Phidias.


early 19th Century, Prince Stanislas Poniatowski


Height: 29 mm.     (1 1/8 in.)

Width: 22 mm     (0 7/8 in.)

Depth: 8 mm.     (0 5/16 in.)

Ex: a private collection, United Kingdom (R.C., London, 1980-1990)





BRAFA Art Fair. (Brussels, 26 Jan- 2 Feb 2020) 





The Beazley Archive - Gems Database  ref. nos. T176, 872

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