An Egyptian Polychrome Wood Inner Sarcophagus

Eyes inlaid in bronze and stone. His wig adorned by a Khepri beetle Sokar Falcon and Anubis figures above the front column of inscription Vertical panels of painted hieroglyphs on front and back with a variation of the “hetep-di-nswt” offering text in a regional dialect

Late Period, early Dynasty XXVI, mid to late 7th Century BC

ht: 72 1/16 in. (183 cm.) max. width: 19 11/16 in. (50 cm.)


(private American collection, 1968. Acquired from Bernard Danenberg Gallery, New York, 1968; thence by descent)





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Museo Egizio di Firenze;   acc. nos. 105722, 10575


Egyptian Museum of Berlin;   the Sarcophagus of Shepeniset

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